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Public transportation and trains wash stations

Wapo offers automatic washing stations with brushes and jets in a portal system or drive-through system, for washing buses, trolleybuses, trolley cars, metro cars and trains.   

The automatic washing stations can be installed outdoors or indoors, with or without antifreeze devices.

The automatic portal washing stations have a washing capacity of 8-12 vehicles (that have a 12m length).

  • The automatic drive-through washing stations, have a washing speed of around 10-12m /min and allows washing at pace of vehicles and trolley, metro or train cars. For the metro carts or train the speed must be between 1.5 and 2 km/h. The washing capacity can reach 60 vehicles of 12 m length/ hour.







The configurations of the washing stations are made according to the demands of the benefactors and we make the project for the electrical system, water and air system, foundation and hall.

In order to respect the norms of environment protection and reduce the exploitation costs, we offer:

  • Recycling stations for the used water, which saves 85% of the necessary water and reduces the quantity of the used water by 90%;
  • Water softening system, osmosis systems (for the water).