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Wapo can provide: feasibility studies, technical projects with details building and commissioning of the following:

  • Fuel storage for aircrafts, below or above the ground, with a capacity up to 10,000m3 including the following;
- Horizontal or vertical tanks
- Technological equipment and pipelines
- Pumping stations
- Leaks detection system
- Measurement and control systems
- Laboratories, etc.
  • Fuel storage for machinery and vehicles which support the airports
  • Fuel supply for aircraft;
-  Indirect systems   –  eg: tankers
-  Direct systems    –  eg: electro-hydraulic hydrants  
  • Fuel supply for machinery and vehicles
  • Water supply
  • Storm water drainage system
  • Sewage networks and water treatment plants
  • Airport obstacle and lighting systems
- Illuminating airport objects over ground and embedded
- Cables and connections for the illuminating system
- Isolation transformers and associated curve
- Current regulators
- Remote fiber optics installations    
- Installation of lighting pole breaks