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Incineration of dangerous waste


- Design:

  • basic engineering and detailed engineering for assembling and pipe connections for the equipments delivered;
  • basic engineering for the civil part

- Installation for each phase of the technological process, including:

  • installations for receiving, stocking and handling wastes, with separate flow for the wastes resulted from medical activities
  • pyrolysis activities
  • installations for heat recovery and energy revaluation which will ensure the process for energy producing and steam, in cogeneration, using turbogenerators groups (with gas turbine or steam turbine)
  • installations for gas and solid residues treatment
  • auxiliary installation to ensure compressed air, de-mineralized water, etc;
  • fire extinction equipments and work security equipments;


- Piping/armature/vent valves;
- Horn (burnt gas evacuation piping);
- Monitoring of burnt gas with on-line analysing systems for burnt gas evacuation according to effective European norms for:


  • NOx
  • CO
  • Dust
  • TOC
  • HCI, etc


- Electric equipments (field installations, MCC, cable lay up);
- Catalysts, active coal
- Automation (field installations, MCC, cable lay up);
- Replacement parts;
- Technical assistance on the assembling, start up and functioning;
- Personnel training
- Specifications manuals for start up, operation and maintenance.