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  • HERBAGREEN®, a plant nutrition, made of activated micronised natural calcite; a brand new innovative concept, due to the worldwide unique milling technology, which makes it possible to create mineral particles that are small enough to enter the leaf.
  • HERBAGREEN® is an efficient photosynthetic activator; it reduces water needs, and acts as a strengthening agent and a natural plant vaccination. Application: it is important to spray HERBAGREEN® in the form of a fine fog, so that it can easily penetrate leafs. The best time for spraying is morning, at temperatures ranging between 8 and 20°C, and hygrometry > 60%. Number of treatments/applications depends on environment and actual situation, recommended dosage of 3 to 5 times could be increased up to 8 times if actual condition so require.
  • HERBAGREEN® is applicable in following areas: agriculture, gardening, citrus / olive, arboriculture, grapevines, ornamental plants, landscaping, golf places, sport facilities / lawn, green places / parks, forestry.



  • HERBAGREEN®can be used with any commercially available pump/air-pressure spray system or common agricultural spray system. Mix the corresponding dose of HERBAGREEN® with water (according to the specifications of the individual plant types) and afterwards shake or stir it vigorously. Pump/air-pressure spray systems for agricultural use are usually equipped with an integrated swirl mechanism.
  • HERBAGREEN® can also be applied onto the plants in greenhouses via spraying systems. In the case of a daily application the concentration of suspension is reduced to a 0.1% solution.
  • HERBAGREEN® is a leaf manure and can already be applied as such from the second - third foliation.
  • Do not mix HERBAGREEN® with plant protection products such as pesticides and herbicides!
  • In open land HERBAGREEN® should not be applied during rain weather.
  • When mixing HERBAGREEN® leaf manure with splash water, the formation of dust should preferably be avoided, and if necessary, a respirator mask should be worn.