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Welcome to Wapo - Self Car Washes

Wapo imports and distributes, in Romania, car wash equipment produced by the big producers in Europe and the USA, with over 40 years experience in the field.

Therefore we have the ability to provide the following car wash types for cars, trucks, auto specials, public transportation and trains:

  • car wash stations with portal equipped with 2 or 4 vertical brushes and a horizontal one

  • Tunnel type automatic car wash stations with brushes, high pressure jets or hybrid with a variety of washing capabilities.
  • Self-wash car stations with 2 to 10 places and a place for large auto-vehicles like trucks.
  • Drive-through car wash stations for public transportations and trains.


  • Mobile car wash stations with high pressure jets
  • Mobile car wash stations equipped with 4m tall brushes







  • Automatic car wash stations for constructions sites (Considering that the European norms are strict when it comes to the cleanliness of the vehicle that use public roads, we also provide equipment for cleaning truck when they exit the construction site )


We also deliver water treatment equipment for the used water, such as:

  • Demineralization and osmosis stations, for the water
  • Water recycling stations, which save 85% of the water needed and reduce 90% of the water wasted.