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“Roots are leaves in the ground, and leaves are roots in the air”   
(Alan Chadwick 1909-1980 - innovator of organic farming techniques)

Wapo represents in Romania well known natural foliar fertilizers producers, offering to the romanian agricultural market the best quality products.

HERBAGREEN® is a 100 % natural product made of calcite micro particles (natural foliar fertilizer)!

herbagreenFoliar nutrients, like HERBAGREEN®, are by far the most effective way to provide the plants with nutrients and trace elements. The nutrients are immediately available and easily used by the plants. Investigations by the University of Michigan showed that the up-take of nutrients through the leaves is about 10 to 100 times faster than through the roots. Nutrient imbalances can be quickly corrected by stimulating root up-take of macro nutrients. Foliar nutrients correct deficiencies, strengthen weak or damaged crops and speed up the growth of strong plants.

Great advantages and General Results, (for all cultures): Application of HERBAGREEN®  results in:

  • shortening the vegetation period by up to 30%
  • increased yield (20% to 40%) in green houses even much more
  • improved resistance against diseases
  • anti-fungal protection
  • reduction of problems with undesired insects
  • significant increase of biomass (BRIX) in fruits and vegetables
  • longer storage life of fruits
  • better taste
  • healthy seeds for the next crop.