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Mini Fuel Station and LPG Stations

Wapo offers a wide range of mobile stations, opened or containerized, with tanks and dispenser mono and multi-product. LPG stations:

Type I. – Open Stations:

Mono and multi-product stations; used as garage stations or for the distribution of fuel to third parties; depending on the pump installed. It is a station used for a reduced budged. The mobile station provided by Wapo consists of:
  • Double walled tank, mono-compartmented above ground, with a horizontal cylindrical shape, made from carbon-steel S 235 JR UNI EN 100025
  • Technological installation







  • Pumps:

1. Simple Distributor Italy 40l/min
2. Simple Distributor Italy 70l/min
3. Distributor with management system for card, key or tag
4. Distributor Germany 40l/min
5. Distributor with management for tag, Germany
6. Wayne Dresser Distributor









Type II – MINOTAUR type container stations:
Wapo commercializes 2 latest generation types of MINOTAUR type container stations, with lengths of 20” and 40” respectively, for the provision of one or two petroleum products. The stations can be used for refueling auto-vehicles, aircraft or ships.





Type III – LPG stations:
Wapo commercializes modular stations for the provision of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The entire system can be used as soon as it is connected to a gas and electricity supplier. The station been composed of: tank, LPG vehicular centrifugal pump and dispenser.