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Car Wash

The automatic or self-serving car wash stations, imported by Wapo, offer and excellent performance with an advanced technology for a quick wash and a very good price / efficiency rapport. Our range of car wash stations is recommended to a large client spectrum like: car show-rooms, gas stations, car service or professional car maintenance centers.

The automatic or self-wash car stations we offer, have a car wash capacity between 8 and 130 cars per hour and can be with following configurations:

  • Car wash with portal that have 3 brushes, washing capacity of 8-10 cars/h
  • Car wash with portal that have mobile high pressure jets, washing capacity of 8-10 cars/h.









  • Car wash with double portal with 3-5 brushes, washing capacity of 16-20 cars/h.
  • Tunnel car wash with brushes and mobile high pressured jets , washing capacity of 50-130 cars/h.
  • Self-wash car stations, with a washing capacity of around 12 cars/hour/box, with 2-10 washing boxe






For any car wash stations we import the following accessories:

  • Water recycling stations, with a 4-50 m2/hour debit;
  • Softening and osmosis water stations;
  • Vacuum cleaners with 1-2 motors, with turbine with or with out delay switch fix or mobile;
  • Interior perfume equipment, for washing car carpets or drying the cars;
  • Pressure controller for tires