WAPO Service

Installation, service and maintenance of equipment

  • Fuel distributors, including LPG
    GPL / AdBlue / CNG / LPG skids
  • Automatic fuel level measuring systems OPW, Progauge (Dover Fueling Solutions), Veeder Root
  • Car wash equipment
  • Air columns – Horn water, PCL
  • Awning lighting systems
  • Valves, fittings, hoses, flexible connectors for SDC and storage
  • Deposited fuel transfer pumps and compressors (petrol, diesel and LPG)
  • Skids for loading fuel tanks, loading arms for tanks
  • Water pumps PSI deposits
  • Electric motors storage pumps
  • Measurement systems in warehouses
  • SDC electrical installations
  • Sanitary installations, water – SDC channel
  • General maintenance of the station, furniture, automatic doors
  • SDC general service contractor