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Solution for conversion Diesel engines to use CNG/LNG

What is a conversion solution DUAL FUEL?

A technology for the simultaneous combustion of the engine with two fuels (DUAL fuel): diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid natural gas (LNG). After conversion, the engine can be powered on either a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas or on 100% diesel fuel.  (http://www.americanpowergroupinc.com/apg-technology.html)


A  special parts kit mounted on Diesel vehicle  that allow it to operate with a mixture of diesel and natural gas .

The parts set, APG Dual Fuel, does not change any original diesel engine components. This kit  also includes a “read-only” engine control MODULE (ECM) that monitors and ensures that the system parameters are always according to specifications (oil pressure, cooling temperature, exhaust gas temperature, collected air pressure, pressure diesel, etc.). The ECM does not allow the absorption of natural gas unless the engine operating parameters are in the standard operating range. This means that the engine starts and runs only on diesel.

The APG Dual Fuel system introduces natural gas in the pre-turbo phase. The turbo charger is an ideal mixer, and the homogeneous natural gas-air mixture then passes through the Charge Air Cooler (CAC). It not only reduces the loading temperature, but also reduces the turbulence, as much as would be normal only for air intake. As a result, the amount of well-mixed natural gas / air, is no more turbulent than air alone.

Benefits for users  :


Reduces emissions.  It is in conformity with EPA criteria guidelines including new EPA regulation: Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion

Accelerate and meet federal and state low carbon footprint goals.


Reduces maintenance engine cost, by increasing period between revisions; oil and filter change has to be done at 30% longer mileage

Displace 50% – 60% of Diesel usage with Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Expect Net Annual Fuel Savings of 10% – 15% by using Diesel + LNG/CNG


  • Increases engine durability;
  • Reduces engine wear on combustion chamber components, such as pistons, gaskets, valves or injectors;
  • No loss of power or torque

No high-temp parts

– No special maintenance  required;

  • An APG Dual Fuel glider kit can also be added to a reconditioned car;
  • Easily transfer APG Dual Fuel Technology to your next vehicle;